Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are We Winning the War on Terror?

Reports tell us Al-Qaida is stronger than ever. Six years ago Al-Qaida in Iraq did not exist. So much for the success of the War on Terror.

There are two ways of fighting the so-called War on Terror. One is the way of Elephant like Strength through Force. The Army invades and occupies. The residents of the occupied country accept their fate. They live in peace with the conquering army because they know they can do nothing to defeat it. Shock and Awe brings peace to all.

The other is the way of Lilly Livered Yellow Bellied Feminized Surrender Monkeys. This relies on police work to find the terrorists before they strike. Increased security decreases the opportunity for them to strike. Dialogue with those among the terrorists co-religionists who would live in peace even if they disagree with us on other important things decreases the number of potential terrorists. When we do invade a country we stay until the job is done instead of moving most of our strength off to invade another country.

We re beginning to see which method really works. At the very least we see which method does not. So much for the way of the Elephant. Strength Through Force is clearly not working.

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