Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is John McCain Mentally Fit To Be President?

Also his temper may be a part of the reason for his choice. He really wanted Joe Lieberman as his vice-president. But this was vetoed by Republican leaders who feared the reaction of the hard right to this choice. Lieberman,after all, is a liberal Democrat on everything except the war in Iraq. So he picked a vice-president the hard right couldn't veto. Unfortunately she isn't qualified to be president. But she holds every position the hard right favors. So they can't complain about her. But the choice is rash. Eventually McCain will realize it.

The really troubling thing is government by temper tantrum is dangerous. Choosing a vice-president in anger is one thing. Getting mad at other countries when they do things we don't like is something else. This is one way unnecessary wars are started. If this is any example of how McClain makes decisions there is real cause for concern.
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