Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care Reform: A Political Lose-Lose for President Obama and Democrats?

Yes health care reform has become a lose lose proposition for Democrats. It can only be passed by reconciliation. It is an expansion of the power of government. Perhaps as many as 40% of the American people can be induced to vote for Republicans by Republican propaganda over the passage of health care by reconciliation. So passing health care reform through reconciliation isn't wise.

But if health care reform is not passed the base will stop voting for Democrats. As Blanch Lincoln has just discovered progressives are no longer willing to simply let blue dog Democrats be. Primary challenges and lack of votes from progressive Democrats in general elections await those Democrats unwilling to pass health care reform through reconciliation.

So Democrats in the House and Senate have to decide which fate is worse, being voted out of power by angry moderates or being voted out of power by angry members of the base.
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