Friday, February 23, 2007

Does al-Qaeda care?

Those who support the war in Iraq claim opposition to the surge motivates our enemies to fight us all the harder. Weakening our resolve is supposed to be a part of the al-qaeda strategy for defeating us. But this is not true.

Al-Qaeda hates us. They will continue to hate us whatever we do. They don't care if we stay in Iraq or not. Indeed it would prefer we stayed in Iraq. We are easier to hit there and everything we do to defeat it in Iraq simply creates more supporters for it. Indeed to the extent that staying the course President Bush has put us on makes us hated the more al-Qaeda likes it.

Let's understand something. Let's understand it well. The enemy doesn't care what we do. He is not listening to our debates over how to defeat him. He is not strengthened by those who argue for what are sometimes called defeatist strategies. The enemy does not care if our resolve is strong or weak. The enemy does not care what Congress does. He does not care what the President does. Exhibiting strength does not awe him. Exhibiting weakness does not encourage him. The only thing the enemy cares about is our acceptance of his claim Allah has give to him alone the right to rule over all of us. We can either accept that claim or go to hell. And that as they say is that.

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