Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oppose the Foot and Mouth Disease solution for Terrorism

What is the Foot and Mouth Disease solution for terrorism? If there were no Islam there would be no Islamic terrorism. And how do we insure there is no Islam? We kill all the potential carriers of the "Islamic virus." Which means killing all Muslims. Which means committing genocide against all Muslims. One must note the proponents of this strategy have yet to actually endorse genocide. But how else can they achieve their goal?

We call this the Foot and Mouth disease solution because it is similar to the way in which Foot and Mouth disease is controlled. Foot and Mouth disease is a contagious disease which affects hoofed farm animals. The disease is not fatal but does spread rapidly. To limit the spread of the disease it is standard practice to destroy all infected animals as well as animals subject to infection in the area of an outbreak. While killing these animals is hard on them doing so does lessen the economic damage done by an outbreak. It is therefore standard practice.

On the Islamophobic right advocating the same solution to the problem of terrorism is common. Indeed once one comes to the conclusion there can be no such thing as a moderate, or non-violent Muslim, it is inevitable. If we cannot reason with these people or trust these people, if we must kill them before they kill us then we must commit genocide in order to survive. Since those on the Islamophobic right condemn anyone who suggests we can reason with the enemy, talk to the enemy, negotiate with the enemy and avoid killing the enemy before he kills us as allies of the enemy it is obvious what their policy really and truly is. It is genocide.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the right-wing hawks are pro-Israelis who believe that the Palestinians are bent on exterminating the Jews (this is one of the most common themes of pro-Israel propaganda).

This means that when they say "we are all Israelis now" they are actually accusing Muslims of seeking to exterminate all Westerners.

They have no choice but to do this. Forced apostasy of Muslims is impossible - the Spanish Reconquista proved this when the Christians were forced to resort to outright ethnic cleansing to remove Islam from Spain.

Even if the other things they say about Islam (eg that it is an aggressive world-conquest ideology) are accepted, in the absence of Muslim genocidal intentions the wingnuts still have to worry that moderate Westerners will say "Better dhimmis than génocidaires!"